Pittsburgh reaction to Trump

Trump qoute during withdrawal from Paris Accord

According to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, this is another hilarious qoute of Mr. Trump in the role of President of the USA.


To which a pretty response by Mayor of Pittsburgh was tweeted, and really puts Donald J. Trump back in the place.


Here you can see more information on the Paris agreement.

Good luck Donald

Are there whole countries laughing at the US?

Whilst announcing the US withdrawal from Paris agreement Donald J. Trump did not forget to mention, that

“We don’t want other countries laughing at us.”

Which is problematic, because practically whatever the man says raises an eyebrow at least.

Source to the qoute.

What is the Paris Agreement or Paris Accord?

Good question – you can read this article on Wikipedia regarding the Paris Agreement.

Trump on exiting the Paris climate agreement

Paris Exit Announcement

President Trump is pulling United states out of the Paris agreement on the matters of climate change.

Here are some of his remarks:

“The world went crazy when the Paris agreement was signed. They went wild. This was because it placed America at a serious economic disadvantage.”

“Even if the Paris agreement was implemented in full, it is estimated that it would implement two-tenths of a degree of temperature reduction by 2100.”

Here is the source to this reporting.