Digital Era Mr. Trump, digital era.

Donald Trump on digital systems

President lately critisized the digital systems for catapulting aircrafts in their takeoff from aircraft carrier.

Here is his quote:

It sounded bad to me. Digital. They have digital. What is digital? And it’s very complicated, you have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out.

So Donald wants to stay with steam powered, because the Digital means the systems can be hacked.

You going to goddamned steam, the digital costs hundreds of millions of dollars more money and it’s no good.

Source to this story is Time magazine.

What is Trump doing in regards to Korean peninsula?

Trump’s comments on the developing situation in North Korea and Kim Jong-un

You never know (with The Donald anyway)

Donald is asked what are USA doing in regards to Korean peninsula:

“You never know, do ya? .. You never know!”

 Powerful, powerful and the Best

and he continues:

“I am not gonna talk about the military, I’m not like Obama, when they talk about that in four months we’re raiding,… we gonna hit Mosul and in the meantime they get ready like you never… so look they’re still fighting Mosul, it was supposed to last like for a week and now they’ve been fighting it for many months and so many more people died. I don’t want to talk about it.
We are sending an Armada.. very powerful, we have submarines,.. very powerful,.. far more powerful than the aircraft carrier that I can tell you and we have the best military people on Earth, and I will say this he is doing the wrong thing.”

Simply he does not know

Than he is asked if he thinks that Kim Jong-un is mentally fit? So he replies:

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know him, but he is doing the wrong thing”

See the qoute source  – the Fox News story – so you may see how Donald Trump is emphasizing the words Powerful, Best and how he dows not Know.


Donald’s Idea about the condition of military

What is the condition of Military in the U.S.?

Donald’s view about the (nuclear) budget for the military, in comparision to Russia

“Putin has built up their military again, and again, and again. Their military is much stronger, he’s doing nuclear, we’re not doing anything, our nuclear is old and tired, and his nuclear is tippy-top from what I hear”. – quote link