Donald & Ivanka

How ’bout a daughter?

Donald has been few times caught addressing Ivanka in very disturbing way. A way that is unusual for most fathers addressing their daughters.

“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her!”
quote source

What do they have in common?

Once when on Wendy show in Fave 5 segment Ivanka was asked the question: what does she have in common with her father? To which she replyed:

“Either real estate or golf.”

But when Donald was asked if it is true he replyed:

“Well, I was going to say Sex, but I can’t relate..”

– quote source

Donald Trump is reffering to Ivanka as his success, sometimes it feels like he is selling her as a product. Once he was caught not rememberring the name of the other daughter Tiffany, but that is whole different story.



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